Understanding and working with Asia’s diverse business environment


Asia’s increasing economic and social strength is creating opportunities for institutions and business. The various countries of Asia are often thought to be very similar. However, each country has its own habits, customs and culture. Understanding of your own cultural background against these diverse values will help you being better prepared and more effective.

In this workshop, we will put specific focus on China, Japan and India. 


This seminar helps you

  • Understand how culture influences communication and interaction. 

  • Reflect your own values and cultural assumptions.

  • Understand the common values and cultural assumptions valid for Asian countries.

  • Identify cultural specifics China, Japan and India and common misunderstandings.

  • Identify specific cross-cultural situations and their solutions.

  • Apply the cultural awareness through case studies and interactive discussion.


Intended for:

a.     Senior General Management with a specific focus on Asia.

b.    (Project) Managers responsible for projects with Asian countries

c.     Senior managers in commercial, educational or governmental organizations that manage ventures in Asian countries.



The seminars use the 6D model developed by Prof. Dr. Hofstede, applied to real-life case studies, action learning and simulation games.

As culture in linked to the history of a country, we will also cover the historic highlights of China, Japan and India.

The workshop is interactive, the experiences and questions from participants are very welcome.


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Date                                        June, 2021

Time                                       classroom or online (to be confirmed)

Location                                 Amsterdam

Course Fee                            795 €

Number participants           10 – 15 persons

Language:                              Dutch / English / German  (depending on the participants)