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Decision Making: How difficult can it be?


Different cultures have different approaches and strategies when it comes to decision-making.


In the decision making process, several of the cultural dilemmas play a role: 

  • Competition vs Consensus

  • Structure vs Spontaneity

  • Individualism vs Collectivism 


It is important to know the differences between your own cultural values and that of your counterpart to get the right mind-set for negotiations and decision-making.

A few tips to consider:

  • Germany: Prepare all information (reports, tests etc) according to the agenda

  • Netherlands: Make sure that you have gathered the input from everybody who could be concerned

  • France: Check the decision-making authority / delegation of your counterpart

  • China: If a higher-ranked manager is present, make sure to bring your own higher rank as well. 

  • India: Follow up on the decisions made regularly otherwise they might drop in priority.


Be aware that there are also cultural factors that influence the execution of the decision.

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