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Essentials: ‘Improve performance in international setting’


Turn cultural diversity into an asset

Cultural diversity can be a major challenge. Whether working globally or locally, most organizations span more than one cultural context. Successful management of diversity has become a strategic competence. A competence that helps you lead, teach, coach and manage your teams and relationships effectively – and successfully. This master class takes you from reflecting on your own values and assumptions to understanding those of others. It will make you understand how to turn cultural diversity into an asset.


An itim executive master class is the result of more than fifty years of academic work of Prof. Dr. Geert Hofstede, one of world’s most cited researchers. Over seventy itim experts, with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, are available to conduct these master classes, to take you from an international presence to true global effectiveness.


This seminar will help you:

  • Understand the Hofstede model and its four essential cultural dimensions.

  • Reflect on your own values and cultural assumptions

  • Gain sensitivity and skills to communicate and manage across cultures

  • Identify specific cross-cultural challenges and their solutions


Intended for:

Management and staff acting in an intercultural environment.



The seminar uses cognitive learning of the extensive research of Prof. Dr. Hofstede and real-life case studies. Opportunity will be created to exchange experience between participants.


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Date                                        June 24, 2016 (Friday)

Location:                                Amsterdam

Duration                                One day

Number participants           10 – 15 persons

Consultants                           Brigitte Opel and Alette Vonk

Cost                                        795€ p.p. ex VAT

                                                Lunch, coffee and soft drinks are included.


Early bird fee of 500€ until May 15.

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