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Based on Brigitte's professional experience and personal interest, her field of specialty is

Cultural Awareness related to: 

  • People management

  • Team building for multinational teams

  • Communication in virtual teams

  • Project management


Depending on your question and your agenda, you can choose 

- Group Trainings and Workshops

- Individual Consulting and Coaching

- Speech or lecture on culture related to communication, marketing, advertising etc.

- in English, Dutch or German. 


All workshops and lectures are customised according to your specific needs and to your agenda.


The Hofstede Culture Compass is a good starting point to assess your own values and preferences, compared to your home and your host country. Get your personal report with recommendations - check out the demo report.

Contact Brigitte to receive your personal login code. 

Open Courses
Spoedcursus "Online Meetings"
Elke Vrijdag at 14:30 - 16:00
Hoe moet je de organisatie, de interactie met je internationale collega's en de techniek gebruiken om best mogelijke resultaten te bereiken?. Meer info.

1-day training "Doing business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - more successfully" on Nov 12 in Amsterdam, NL 

Germany is one of the largest economies in Europe and also an important player in international politics, business and trade. The values and communication patterns for Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland are similar, but quite different from the rest of the world.

Whatever your industry, you should know how to do business in these countries in order to increase the effectiveness of your meetings, the clarity of your agreements and the benefit of your ventures. More info

For more information and for registration, please send a mail to

3,5 hours Cultural Awareness and Cross-Cultural Communication on October 22 in Amsterdam, NL                      

The value systems of the community that raised us influences the way we communicate. In this workshop, we will talk about the different communication styles / patterns, about the underlying value systems and how to deal with these differences.

The Hofstede model will serve as starting point to explain the cultural preferences.  More info

To register, please send a mail, please include any special field of interest (geographically, situations etc.)

1-day training "Effective Communication in Global Virtual Teams" on Dec 9 in Amsterdam, NL 

As organizations expand globally, tasks and responsibilities are often relocated across the globe. The colleagues that we work with are no longer in the same building, but in various countries that we hardly know. Often we haven’t met these colleagues and we just communicate by telephone, mail or in videoconference. We are expected to work towards the same goal but communication is complicated due to different backgrounds: those are the challenges in a virtual team. Developing our understanding of other cultures and enhancing our situational communication style is key to increasing efficiency and realizing targets. More info

For more information and for registration, please send a mail to

1-day training "Understanding and working with Asia’s cultural diversity" on Oct 8 in Amsterdam, NL

Asia’s increasing economic and social strength is creating opportunities for institutions and business. The various countries of Asia are often thought to be very similar. However, each has its own habits, customs and culture. Understanding of your own cultural background against these diverse values will help you being better prepared and more effective.

In this workshop, we will put specific focus on China, Japan and India. More info

For more information and for registration, please send a mail to


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