17 Mar 2016


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5 Oct 2015


Sunday, October 4 - Today is the fair for foreigners at the Beurs van Berlage to meet people that help them get settled and help them deal with life in the Netherlands. It is my first time as exhibitor and I hope to have enough Stroopwafels to get me through the day....

7 Sep 2015


When looking at these photos from Vietnam, I connected with these people. Although I have never been there (still want to go!), Vietnam feels a lot more familiar now.


In 10 illustrated photos, Frank McKenna shows us how different life can be, quite different than ours...

1 Sep 2015

This morning alone, nearly 2000 refugees arrived by train in Germany, a total of 800,000 refugees are expected in 2015. Almost all of them from Syria and the surrounding region, that is war-ridden and unpredictable – in a very dangerous way.


Procedures: Either extremel...

31 Aug 2015


These days, you can’t turn on the radio or television without hearing the latest numbers of people on their way to Germany, France, UK etc.

Less than 6 months ago, the same news channel broadcasted an item on attracting foreigners to fill skills gap in the (German) lab...

13 Feb 2015

Reports state that more and more foreign companies are coming to Amsterdam in their efforts to expand globally. They hear that Amsterdam is so tolerant, easy-going and business-minded: Sounds like the perfect place to be with your business. Yet, do you know how the Dut...

30 Jan 2015

The relation between cultural imprint and time perception is one of my favorites. It is amazing to see how individualist societies plan their days by tasks and collectivist societies focus on establishing a relationship, however long it takes. 


"How cultures understand...

30 Jan 2015

Understanding yourself, your values and your passions, is a conditional for a meaningful life. But to develop a sensitivity about the values embedded in people of other cultures, brings another level of meaning to your life. It is also vital for developing sustainable...

30 Jan 2015

At the TEDx Amsterdam event, Fons Trompenaars illustrated the challenges of cross-cultural communication, using personal and business examples. 

He clearly states the need for cross-cultural awareness (and training), unfortunately his model is generally viewed as less t...

30 Jan 2015

Time perception is different based on your cultural imprint, it is mostly influenced by Individualism = task-oriented planning, very precise vs. Collectivism = relationship-oriented planning, easy-going. 


This animation video by Prof. Philip Zimbardoon the "secret powe...

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