• Brigitte Opel

Expatica Fair "I'm not a tourist"

Sunday, October 4 - Today is the fair for foreigners at the Beurs van Berlage to meet people that help them get settled and help them deal with life in the Netherlands. It is my first time as exhibitor and I hope to have enough Stroopwafels to get me through the day.

It was a great day! As you can see on the map, the visitors cam from all over. And the conversations were very interesting. Some shared their first impressions of living here ("is it true that people don't invite you for dinner if you visit them without prior notice?"), their surprise about different ways of dealing with conflict ("Back home, we socialize until the conflict is gone. Is that different here?") and others shared their own cultural model with me.

Thanks to all visitors for a very interesting and inspiring day !!

One question that kept coming back was: When is your next course. In response to that, I want to offer a special introduction course to all visitors of the Expatica Fair on November 19 in Amterdam. Check here for more info.

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