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Cultural Awareness and Cross-Cultural Communication on March 12, 2020 in Amsterdam
Time 15:30 - 19:00  - Short introduction 
Language: Dutch / English / German  (depending on the participants)

The value system of the community that raised us influences the way we communicate, negotiate, make decisions, give feedback and interact in general.

In this workshop, you will 

  • learn about the different communication styles / patterns,

  • understand the underlying value systems,

  • check your own cultural background and  

  • learn how to deal with the differences in culture and communication style.

The Hofstede Model of National Cultures is the starting point to explain the cultural preferences.  

The workshop is interactive, so your experiences and questions are welcome. 


To register, please send a mail and include any special field of interest (geographically, situations etc.)


Cost for this introduction course including handout                                220€

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