The world seems to turn into a village - Are you ready for it?

More understanding leads to better communication and better results. 


Modern life is multi-cultural !  

Everywhere and everything is multi-cultural these days, and we like it. It is inspiring and exciting.

If we can learn from each other, we'll be more creative and more successful - the "Medici effect".


How to get cultural awareness? 


Getting cultural awareness is a life-long learning process. But you can get a head-start.

In our workshops and courses, you will 

- learn how culture influences values, preferences, behaviour

- analyse your own cultural background and values

- understand the criteria that distinguish cultures

- recognize specific cross-cultural challenges 

- develop solutions through interaction and case studies. 


Brigitte Opel has experienced cultural differences during study, travel and over many years working in a multi-national corporation. She knows how exciting that can be if you are successful - but also how frustrating. 


The experience that she has gathered combined with the Hofstede model will help you to understand other cultures and to improve the way we work together - resulting in more successful international ventures. 


T: + 31-6-2955 2372

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