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Would you know what to do if...

  • your Chinese client doesn't seem to be interested in a meeting?

  • your Indian colleague doesn't deliver his input as agreed?

  • you need to establish a trusting relationship with your international business partners through ZOOM?

  • your French business partner negotiates but doesn't have the authority to close the deal?

  • your Japanese boss gives you an impossible assignment?

  • your Hungarian team member hesitates to inform you about issues?

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

They happen every day, all over the world, especially in an international context. 


The world seems to turn into a village - Are you ready for it?

Modern life is multi-cultural !  

Everywhere and everything is multi-cultural these days, and we like it. It is inspiring and exciting.

If we can learn from each other, we'll be more creative and more successful - the "Medici effect".

More understanding leads to better communication and better results. 

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